Hey, y’all!  My name’s Kristian Young.  I’m a queer, Black, Autistic, nonbinary trans man from the Washington, DC Metro Area.  My pronouns are he/him/his or they/them/theirs.

I didn’t always know I was transgender – I used to be a really feminine kid, but only because I was pressured to be that way.  I was told that I had to like fashion and makeup and all that girly stuff or I would be weird and people would laugh at me.  Being pressured to fit in sent me into a deep depression – I attempted suicide twice.  My last one was just a few months ago.  But I was saved by Jesus Christ, and I’m very grateful for that.

Like I said, I’m a Christian, but I’m not really a religious Christian.  I’m more of a spiritual one.  I support equal rights for LGBTQ people, abortion, feminism and stopping oppression.  I believe that Jesus doesn’t want anyone to be oppressed.

I enjoy writing, drawing, going online and watching TV.  My favorite show is Steven Universe!  Just mentioning it is enough to get me stimming.

I’m also a serious foodie.  I love Chinese, Korean, Mexican, BBQ and Soul Food.

Also, I’m fascinated by world cultures, especially Korean culture.  I’m also learning the Korean language.  I took Spanish in high school, but I forgot a lot of it.

Well, I guess that’s all I have to say for now.  Later gators!

Note: above image is a brown-skinned Black transmasculine man with chin-length locs, glasses, a blue-and-gray-striped polo shirt, a Genderqueer DC button, a rainbow flag, a tie-dye lanyard and a rainbow bracelet.